AFBev Rewards

AFBev Rewards FAQs

What is AFBev Rewards?
AFBev Rewards refers to the program on AFBev where the customers can earn points and redeem them for various rewards and discounts. This also includes the referral program, which doesn't use points but provides a direct discount.

What are some examples of ways to earn points?
Some examples of ways to earn points are following us on social media, making purchases, writing reviews, and more. We want our community to get benefits from making us their go to source of non-alcoholic beverages.

What can the points be redeemed for?
A lot of things, and this will evolve over time based on popularity and interest. This definitely includes various discounts on products, exclusive merchandise as available, and more.

Are there other ways to get discounts?
While we do have the odd flash sale, AFBev Rewards is the best and most consistent way to save on your orders.

Do points expire?
In general, no. We might add specific items that have expirations but those will be called out so you are aware.

Can I redeem multiple rewards at a time?
Unfortunately, with the way our host system works, you can only redeem one coupon at a time.

How do I log in/sign up?
You are able to do both using the modal that appears on the site. Here is a video showing how.

How do I see how to earn and redeem points?
Both options are on the same modal on the site. Here's a video showing how.

If you have any more questions please email us at