About us

Hey there! 

Thanks for stopping by. I just wanted to share a bit about my journey.

In 2018, I read about and was inspired by reports of German athletes in the Winter Olympics drinking non-alcoholic wheat beers as a recovery drink. Over the years I formed a connection between the idea of socializing and drinking, like one couldn't happen without the other. This report made me feel like it was finally achievable.

I set out to find some and try for myself. I went to every liquor store and supermarket nearby and it turned out to be basically impossible to find tasty, craft, non-alcoholic beers (or other adult beverages) here in Canada at the time.

Things are changing and the AF craft scene is finally blossoming, not only here in Canada but worldwide! We've sourced the best domestic and imported AF beverages to create an easy one-stop shop for Canadians to access tasty alternatives to alcohol. Something for everyone.

So join us in engaging in our rituals without compromising on our mental and physical wellness, and doing so with something tasty we can genuinely enjoy.

If you have any comments or suggestions, you can reach me any time at hello@afbev.ca.


Navin Schaduangrat

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