Le BockAle Mixed Pack

Le BockAle Mixed Pack

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Want all of Le Bockale's tasty AF offerings? Here's all four of them of in one easy pack. 3 of each in the 12 pack and 6 of each in the 24 pack.

- Découverite IPA
- Berliner Sonne sour
- Trou Noir stout
- Météorite (Lychee and Clementine)

ABV: < 0.5%
Origin: QC

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Liam F.
Canada Canada
Something for everyone

Meteorite – 4 stars. A delicious juicy wit satisfies those Kronenbourg Blanc cravings. An unexpected finish (I can only describe it as tasting like distilled water) prevents me from giving it 5 stars. Berliner Sonne – 4.5 stars. This is an almost textbook version of a berliner weisse. Sour, sparkly and thirst-quenching. Docked it 1/2 a star because it could almost be even more sour. Decouverte – 2 stars. I was stoked to see some of my favourite hops listed on the back of the can… then utterly disappointed when I cracked the can – and smelled nothing. Looking at the bottom of the can, I noticed that the beer was packaged in November 2020. That explains it. Based on Le BockAle's other beers, I'd be a fresher can would garner more stars. Trou noir – 4 stars. A very good version of a stout with a beautiful mocha-brown head. Let it warm up before diving in to bring out those coffee and chocolate notes.

Canada Canada
Great selection

- Meteorite pours cloudy and a light amber with notes of citrus. The sweetness from the clementine and Lychee along with a bit of refreshing tartness makes you long for a summer patio. - Berliner Sonne pours clearer and lighter in colour than I would have expected for a Berliner Weisse, but the tartness is refreshing. I didn't notice any off flavours in either of the above and given I'm new to AF beers, I was pleasantly surprised to find some that were so close to their alcoholic counterparts in style. I Haven't had a chance to try the IPA or Stout yet, but I'm sure they'll be just as delicious as the other two. Recommend the purchase if you're looking to try a range and find your favourites. I plan to re-order at least some of these on future orders and am excited to see what's in the future for Le Bockale. :)